Lateral Move

Lateral Partner Move Checklist


If you are a law firm partner pursuing a lateral move, assemble your practice metrics for the last 3 years (I assume many of you have completed a “lateral hiring questionnaire” before).  We will discuss this when we meet.  Below I set forth commonly sought after information from prospective new employers:

  1. List your clients (redact as needed) for whom you have billed legal work the past 3 years, with total client originations and billings.  And you may also indicate, if significant, client matters for which you are the responsible attorney but would not be the “originating” attorney.
  2. List all staff (partners, associates, paralegals or secretaries) who are currently integral to your work. These are people (if any) without whom you would have strong reservations about making a lateral move.
  3. Identify which of your clients have direct business conflicts with other types of clients  Are there any clients dear to you that you would never allow to be conflicted out in a move to a new law firm?
  4. List other practice areas from which your clients often refer legal work to you.
  5. List any other practice areas not already discussed which you would like your new firm to possess for purposes of better servicing your clients.
  6. What was your annual compensation last year and what do your project for this year?
  7. What is your minimum monthly draw requirement?


We Will Get Results!


First, we do not disclose your identity to prospective employers without your approval and not until the prospective employer has made it clear that they are directly seeking to add your expertise.

Second, because we have “been there” for 25 years, we know the work environment and relative financial health of the law firms and other legal employers in our region. We bring that information to you as you select those employers best fitting your goals. Our information comes directly from many long term relationships with law firm and corporate decision-makers and a multitude of other sources.

Third, Stuart TenHoor takes the lead on all assignments and does not delegate the critical functions involved in assisting you with your lateral move. And when we work with our clients, it’s strictly with key decision-makers — managing partners, practice group leaders or lateral hiring partners.  And when we work with corporations, it is with top legal staff or H.R. personnel.

Our purpose is to help every attorney better achieve their professional goals