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Stuart also works one-on-one with lawyers in private practice and corporations to better achieve their professional goals.   Evaluating offers, recommending steps to earn earlier and better promotions or to negotiate better compensation are all services we provide to individuals.

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John M. Taylor III Principal of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Greenleaf Health LLC, Washington D.C.

“I first met Stuart Tenhoor over 15 years ago and we talked about several law firm options then. I learned how much he knew about job change and the life sciences law space after leaving my post at the FDA in 2014.  He was a great sounding board as I pondered my next opportunity. I highly recommend Stuart to anyone making a law career job change, particularly in the life sciences area.”

Joy Liu Vice President, Commercial and Regulatory Legal, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., Boston, MA (formerly partner, Ropes & Gray, Washington, D.C.)

"It was so helpful to have your insight in making my move to Vertex!"




Our purpose is to help every attorney better achieve their professional goals